Columbus Promos LLC acts as the umbrella holding company for all of the brands listed below

Deco Experts provides website design and consulting services to businesses within the custom decoration industry. Our services revolve around showing DecoNetwork users how to get the most out of the software using their company's business model. DecoNetwork's software is extremely powerful, but often comes with a decent learning curve when it comes to maximizing its potential. We train business owners and their employees how to use the software while configuring all administrative and website design settings.

Deco Experts offers two products/services outside of consulting and website design. The Custom Decoration Industry News Channel (TCDINC) features weekly blog articles and video episodes related to everything within the custom decoration industry. The CDINC is presented (co-branded) by Deco Experts & DecoNetwork with the goal of generating leads for both companies. Deco revolves around hosting our 6 education guides that go over everything related to the custom decoration industry. Our 6 education guides feature over 300 education articles and videos that are great for both startup and very experienced businesses within the decoration industry.

Print Phase is a decoration business supplier of many products and services that revolve around: custom screen print heat transfers, affiliate websites, and contract decorating / fulfillment services. Our wide range of services allow us to act as a one-stop-shop for when a custom decoration business needs to outsource any type of custom order. Print Phase's services are very expansive and are broken up into several websites.

Print Fundraising provides high school business programs like DECA and FBLA little-to-no-risk turnkey fundraising opportunities to be used in a School Based Enterprise (SBE) setting. Our fundraising opportunities allow students to get the hands on learning experience they want while their school benefits financially. Students also have the option of testing the waters of entrepreneurship by starting their own business using one of our 6 SBE/entrepreneurship opportunities.

Creative Customizing is a one-stop-shop for any custom apparel, photo gift, or large media decorating. We offer no minimums on hundreds of products that can be custom designed in seconds using our website's design tool. Creative Customizing also sells pre-decorated retail apparel products, much like any retail t-shirt shop. The brand also acts as an umbrella for several other niche retail product websites including: Start Awesome, Ohio Swag, Ford Shirts, and Zombies Need